About Us

Solstice Flower Co. is a small, family owned & operated flower farm and floral design studio.  We focus on organic, sustainable, locally grown, seasonal flowers. Our 1 acre farm is located in Willits and our design studio is located in South-side Basalt.

We believe that flowers should be fun, not fussy...think beautiful bunches of farm fresh Tulips, Peonies, Sunflowers, Dahlias or a mason jar full of heirloom Narcissus, Sweet Peas, Lilacs...

We believe flowers should be kind ~ to the planet, to those growing them, to those receiving them, to all the sweet living creatures in your home and in nature who are around them.

We believe flowers should bring joy, they should be fresh, local, seasonal, beautiful and full of love.  All our flowers are grown using organic methods, working alongside Mother Nature, without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers.  In addition to regenerative farming practices, we only feed our flowers and soil with compost tea which we brew on-site.  We do not use floral foam or other toxic methods and materials for arranging flowers.  All of our packaging is compostable and/or reusable.  Since our flowers come directly out of our field and greenhouse and into your home within hours, they are free, beautiful and will last longer.  When we occasionally bring flowers in to supplement what we are growing and as we wait patiently for certain plants to establish on our farm, we make a promise to you that we only purchase from organic farms with the same mindfulness and we source them from as close to home as possible.

We believe in the strength of local, of community and in women owned businesses & we encourage and support diversity; in plants & people.

We believe deeply in the beauty & joy that flowers bring & their ability to help heal some of the brokenness in the the World.